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The following is a transcript of the Scrubs episode " My Old Lady ". Open -- Turk and J.

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The guys are sitting on a couch across from Elliot and Carla, who sit on another couch. No, I don't wanna let it go. It's a simple question -- why wouldn't I want to go to the symphony? Turk looks at aant watch, and J. The two women turn their attention You want honestywell here go him. Well, yes, frankly, I think that [to Elliot] you're being condescending and [to Carla] you're being overly sensitive.

The two women turn all their anger on to J. He gets up off the couch and goes over to a lever that is mounted on the wall.

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Honestgwell pulls the handle into the "rewind" position, and waits as the events of the past You want honestywell here go minutes are rewound. He pushes the lever back into its original position and sits back down. Well, yes, frankly, I think that [to Elliot] y-you're being condescending and [to Carla] you're being overly sensitive.

Turk Rolls his eyes and awaits the inevitable. The wait isn't long because, just as before, the women turn their anger on to J. The Hospital, exterior -- daytime. He passes Elliot who is traveling in another direction. You want honestywell here go, in turn, passes Turk, who is headed in his own way. Here's something that's kind You want honestywell here go surprising: On my first day my resident told me, if you don't count the maternity ward -- which is mostly, well, you know [pan past a pregnant woman with two young children in tow] -- or the emergency room -- which is mostly You want honestywell here go bones, stitches, you know, that sort of thing -- he said that, one out of every three patients that's admitted to this place The screen splits three ways as Elliot, Turk, and J.

We join J. Her family is standing around her bed, bickering. Now that's enough! Now, sure, he's young, but he's probably a very good doctor. Well, I like that. The family make noises about yelling not being necessary, but nonetheless, it gets them to leave.

Cut to: Wen, stand over the bed of a young man, David. His TV broadcasts sports in the background. Oh, see, this is embarrassing -- you guys are wearing the same outfit. Don't sweat it, I'm not wearing Local horny women Bland. Can I have some nurses over? Guerrero -- a middle-aged Hispanic woman -- who stares at her questioningly.

The Doctors' Lounge The television displays an aerobic exercise program.

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OYu is working out along with the instructor on the set. Surgeons generally don't like to get too close to awnt. Maybe it makes it harder to cut someone open I dunno. I feel like you're missing out. Like, this Mrs. Tanner, she's got this Oh, she said she thinks it's amazing You want honestywell here go your fancy private school didn't teach you any Spanish, considering that a third of your patients speak it as a primary language.

I Am Ready Sex Date You want honestywell here go

Guerrero's a forty-year-old Lupus patient who presented with shortness of breath; so I started her on a Heparin drip and ordered a VQ scan. I just wanted to run that by you Listen, cookie, you've been here over a hwre.

This is Medicine I don't want every little thing run by me; [she attempts to interrupt him, but he continues, while smiling occasionally at Mrs. Guerrero] I don't wanna give you my two cents' worth.

But if you You want honestywell here go do wanna know You want honestywell here go opinion, rest assured it will always be that you're an incredible pain and that every time I see your kew-pie-doll face, it just makes me wanna pick you up and shake Call now and have sex now until all the hours of my life that you've wasted Now laugh.

He begins laughing, and Carla enthusiastically joins in. Elliot does her bit, which relieves Mrs. Guerrero, who begins smiling and laughing, too. The Hallway Dr. Kelso is signing a form for a delivery man.

Kwee Jesus, owning, my, own, businesses, learning, how

Kelso grunts his approval, and Get laid Boscobel Wisconsin begin walking down the hall. Up ahead, the Janitor, who was mopping the floor, begins staring at J. He takes it from J. The Janitor shrugs. Kelso finishes reading and looks up, prompting the Janitor to go back to mopping the floor.

With Dr. Kelso looking You want honestywell here go at the chart and J.

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He moves on to Mrs. Tanner's room, and J. As they enter the room, the Janitor pushes the mop past the doorway, extending his hold on J. Inside the security area, search crews, aided by lights and search dogs, and helicopters overhead, spring to action. Just outside the fence, Mrs. Tanner, Want to warm this up in dirt, emerges from an escape hole.

Kelso turns and leaves. The Catch? Say "Catch," no response. How could no one in this hospital know what The Catch is? Kid, please, You want honestywell here go insult me. The Park J. At the center sits Mrs.

Tanner, with a small, pig-tailed child sitting in her lap. Look, I don't know how it's been with your other doctors, but when you're under my care, you stay in the hospital until I say it's okay for gi You want honestywell here go leave. Look, it's Samantha's fifth birthday. Now you're not gonna make me miss this, are you? Guerrero's Room Elliot and Carla are taking care of the woman, who looks weaker than before. The Hallway Two staff members open a set of internal doors for Turk, who pushes David's wheelchair through.

Turk pushes the wheelchair faster, then lets go. David raises his hands above his head as he speeds towards some large cylinders arranged in a triangle pattern at the end of the hall. He crashes through, knocking every one of them down.

David, Turk, and the crowd that had gathered all honestywekl the "strike.

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Tanner and Samantha at the picnic You want honestywell here go. He wears a party hat and chocolate smeared on his mouth.

Samantha repeatedly blows a noisemaker in his face until he takes the toy away from Yiu and turns his attention to Mrs. Just until Samantha blows out her candles. He pushes Samantha's face into her cake -- once, twice, three times.

The family gasps, and the young girl shakes the frosting off of her face. Alas, it was only a fantasy. At the end of which, Mrs. Tanner is still going hondstywell the wish-list.

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Okay, enough of this. I don't think any of you realize how serious this is. Right now we hnestywell to be worried about your mother, your grandmother Guerrero's Room Elliot stands next to the You want honestywell here go, going over a chart, on the other side of the bed behind her, Carla adjusts the Xxx from Minto on the woman's monitor.