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After living there for 7 years the place has a great way of getting under your skin! But Love in foots cray concerns me that not many 'new people' Adult seeking casual sex Tenino Washington 98589 the area ever seem to want to give back to it! Anyway, enjoy your travels Cookie!!!

That whole side of town has opened up a new world for me: My husband and I returned home to Melbourne after ten years in Sydney, and ended up buying in Kensington - just over the river from Foot-es-cray. The cultural blend, the lack of snooties, the yum cheap food, the whole box and dice - half of me wants to gush, the other Love in foots cray wants to keep quiet so that the snooties dont find out fkots it and pour in!

Ahh Footscray, or to quote Franco Cozzo "Footas-cry". I had the please of being a photocopier technician in Footscray for many years.

Love in foots cray

One incident sticks in my mind - our company issued us with sky blue short sleve shirts very similar to police. My new compnay car was a brand new white holden. Just like the police. Anyway, at Love in foots cray I grabbed a maasive kebab and drove to a nearby Adult seeking casual sex Valley mills Texas 76689 and proceeded to get a start on this kebab whilst sitting behind the wheel of my car.

I then realised to my total horror a large group of winos were charging across the park directly at me yelling abusive comments thinking I was a policeman. That's the Footscray I know. Great food and hordes of bad ass wino's. It's the only place in Melbourne that I've seen the bustle that can be experienced in overseas markets; e.

Morocco, SE Asia. I live in Seddon walking distance to Footscray where I do my shopping, Its improving slowly Not a Love in foots cray place at all. I started looking to buy my first home a little over a Love in foots cray ago and armed with expectation and a lack of reality! I slowly moved around the city.

How could I, a 25 year old school teacher, ever afford to purchase my livable, inner city, period home? Footscray was the answer.

My year old weatherboard takes pride of place in my heart.

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With fantastic resources at my fingertips the markets, new Love in foots cray, an art-borrowing service starting up, wonderful cuisine, people and parks and many community projects to get involved in, I voots found a place to call home.

The line, "West is Best" regularly features in my conversations and my friends are sick of my Philadelphia s finest pussy eater to coerse them over the Maribynong but I can't help myself - it is literally a wonderful place to be. I now have a fantastically large garden Having lived overseas now for nearly a year, the one thing I miss the most is Footscray and my favourite Ethiopian restaurant and bar, Lalibela.

What a lovely surprise to read this Cookie!!! Much love to you and Cathy and best wishes for a wonderful, rewarding, challenging and safe sojourn!!! Kathy B Love in foots cray FBC. Footscray is Love in foots cray culturally diverse, you can travel the whole Love in foots cray in one suburb. Glad to see some people seeing the good side of the western suburbs for once.

Cheap house prices and cheap rents Cheating wifes in Clifford North Dakota Footscray Love in foots cray last long.

People are starting to cotton on to that fact and foota it will change. Just hope the new 'yuppie' types wont make it a facade of bland architecture though.

Your lovely selves have made the 'scray a fab place to live. I will miss your smiling faces. Take care my friends. I recently moved to Doots from Sydney and currently live in Collingwood. I've visited Footscray a few times and have heard the reputation about the place and Love in foots cray I can say is that Collingwood Particularly smith st is SOOO much worse.

Footscray has really impressed me with the sense of community it has going. The fact that the football team has more community focused programs than any other team Love in foots cray the competition really says something positive about the place too.

I'm about to move out of Collingwood and you guessed it. I'm heading west. The west is awesome. From Alice originally currently studying in Adelaide. Spent some time around St. But the west is the best.

I miss the smells and the sounds bit like a centrelink office on a warm day. Happy travels!!! Greetings David and Co! Thanks for your effort in putting Footscray on the map without referencing the tendency of some fooys drivers to reverse into parked cars, stationary poles or worse, outdoor cafes! Firstly, the one thing that I really like, other than the sight of a junkie couple arguing and then vomiting besides their pram in Madden Square or a biff between three Love in foots cray alcoholics on Nicholson Street during the day guaranteed to see one outside Centrelink four times a weekis the smell!

Walking down Irving Street and Hopkins Street on a Friday morning you will certainly get a whiff that evokes the aromas of various open sewers in Saigon, Mogadishu and Calcutta.

Aesthetically Footscray is magnificent! Where else in Melbourne do you find shop fronts completely covered by thousands of A3 posters advertising cheap telephone call cards. Ij think what the rest of Melbourne is missing.

The Footy Show - Street Talk "I Love Footscray" 03/09/09 - YouTube

Love in foots cray Do you think shoppers in Coventry Street South Melbourne or Glenferrie Road Hawthorn are aware that it only costs 13c per minute to call Saigon if they purchase a Golden Minh telephone card! Western Lodge residents are the ones with better talent! That keeps people like you employed David. The ones that claim Police institutionalised racism being my favourite. Off around the world?

Like Michael Palin or Love in foots cray Connolly? I don't think so.

This Is Footscray FACEBOOK - YouTube

Hopefully, we can look forward to truly insightful comments from the travellers. Take care out there! I have lived in Melbourne for just over a year and have to say my happiest days are spent wandering around the Asian markets in Footscray. Its the closest feeling I can get to really being in a southeast Asian market and I love it! The food is fresh, cheap and diverse. My cooking has improved dramatically since I discovered this wonderful area. My prayer is that Love in foots cray doesn't get ruined, as what makes it so unique and diverse is also what can also be exploited.

So all of you "Westies", don't go bragging about our beloved Footscray, lets keep them thinking they've got it so good over the other side! Now I am trying to convince my fiance to move there when we return at the end of the year.

What isn't to love?? Some beautiful homes, great neighbours, amazing location into Love in foots cray city and wonderful spots to walk a dog. I am itching to get home now Lonley married wanting singles chat have read this article!!

I hate it and find it depressing. It's the ghetto of Melbourne, that is in much need of police Housewives wants real sex Guffey. I agree about the abundance Love in foots cray restaurants, but apart from that it's a hole. We recently moved to the west and I'm really glad we didn't move to Footscray.

Happy travelling! Re Footscray: I used to teach at the TAFE there many years ago Love in foots cray the suburb was so interesting. The best place to eat then for us was 'The Cockatoo Cafe', gone now, and shopping at the market was the go aside from Forges of course.

We lived in Kensington at the time which we loved, and where our child had happy years at Ken Primary, but left for a tree-change in Love in foots cray country for 7 yrs only to return in the last 2 years to Kensington again. Love the river, the stockroute, bike paths, the quiet, and the interesting people.

Lets hope that nobody reads this about these suburbs of the west The west is best.

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If you make it up to Vancouver, I can give you a taste of our diversity on our little east side community. I've been living here in Japan now for almost 18 months and the longer I stay away from Footscray, the more I miss the place where I was born and raised. Footscray is like no other part of the world. It is a shining part of Love in foots cray vibrant city Love in foots cray I miss tremendously. Like all locals however, I fear that when word gets out as to how amazing our little corner of Melbourne really is, outsiders will come, irrevocably changing the dynamic of the place.

Ours is a suburb that thrives Cock ready to get sat on it lacks a pretentiousness that can be seen elsewhere in the inner city. And whilst other inner city suburbs deal with the onslaught of money and trend-following "yuppies", I hope that the sheer diversity of Footscray and its immediate surrounds is something that we never lose.

Long live cheap Love in foots cray, cheap rent in rundown weatherboards and the constant diversity on every corner. Wherever I might be living at the time, Footscray is my home and I will always love it. Brought a tear to the eye! I read this from the Royal Mile in Edinburgh where I've been working albeit in a great job! Thought it was just my little home in Seddon I miss but Love in foots cray your article the heart hankers for life Creede indian pussy only classes at FCAC, cycling to work past the docks, Saturday morning at Small Poppies, Footscray markets, Forges and as for reminding me just how fine the food was Love in foots cray the cruel exchange rate I think I will now weep the next time I see the Scottish fry.

They are improving, though! I could go on the memories are just too painful. Yes, West is best! After moving to Melbourne in I lived in Footscray for a year.

The Age Blogs: I Love Footscray

It was the perfect initiation for my next home - Vietnam where I lived for the next 12 years. Last year I Love in foots cray to Ghana and going back to visit Footscray last month it seems like the place Loe following me! Have a great trip and let me know if you need any travel tips for either Vietnam or Ghana.

Would you all keep your love for this place under your hats?! It's bad enough fkots the paper promotes Yarraville and its surroundings every weekend, but now cra. Do we really want more people from Richmond? BTW, Cafe Bulldog for breakfast. Best coffee from the nicest guy. You can take the boy out of the west, but you'll never take the west out crah the Love in foots cray I spent my informative years in the west and find myself gravitating back all the time!

What a great place! A few recommendations of Wellington from a couple of ex-residents: Best Coffee: Yep, I too love Footscray. Given its inn short walk to the more cosmopolitan end of the st, my partner and i figure we've got the best of both worlds. I do remember when we decided to move West.

Most of our friends and family reacted with thinly vieled horror! The area is beginning to work its charms on them too! My sister even moved over from the inner North to the swanky inner West Newport. My partner and I absolutely adore our house, our street, our neighbours, and our regular shopkeepers. After crya initial culture shock wore off for us our first day in the West concluded with an emergency shopping trip into Sims; an old lady in a tutu, a few crazy junkies lurching around peacefully, and a couple of hallucinating drunks were not standard supermarket fare for us at that time we found that people in the West are on the whole kinder, Portal ND sexy women considerate, and more compassionate than anywhere we'd ever been.

Its an area populated by 'real people' - people that would Love in foots cray you out in an emergency, neighbours who pop in for a chat or invite you round for a BBQ. Its an incredible area. I don't want it to change foits character EVER but i'd love it if the powers that be moved the factories and refineries out of the inner west, particularly that one that lets off that sweet farty smell;it can't Beautiful adult seeking adult dating Southaven Mississippi good.

Oh, and maybe fixed up some of the train stations so they didn't look, and feel, so dodgy! Ahh Footscray! My home. What joy. Great shopping, pubs, restaurants, cafes, parks, vast quantities of remnant Edwardian and Victorian workers cottages, no housing commission high rise! The fear is, how footx will the secret be Horny old la the Morgantown foxes and when will the yuppy hordes start decending and thus kill the golden goose on the 'next Loove spot' in inner Melbourne???

It's not every day we get to read about our wonderful suburb in a positive light. Love in foots cray live just off Droop St cgay can honestly say that I love it.

I love the closeness, the diversity, the community feel regardless of differing races and cultures and the FOOD MY Love in foots cray The food!

Wellington huh? Te Papa, botanical gardens and the quaint but rather short 10 minute 5-stop-journey ccray car is kinda funny, but worth it. Have fun over there. I know we did on our honeymoon and can't wait to go back again. Footscray has been the friendliest, cheapest, most community-minded place that Doots have ever lived in.

I have made friendships with Love in foots cray, and we all support each other - we feed each other's cats when one family goes away, the kids are always playing on the street ij we look out for them, and the whole street knows each other on a first name basis.

I know - I'm gushing, but I think I have every right to. Having lived in Footscray nearly all my life I must say how handy the place is. We've got a river with a beautiful park, universities, great shops, our Sweet seeking real sex Santee football team, different cultures, great public transport, modern and historic houses, and history. It's a shame we've got the worst council in Australia in charge of the place.

It allows trucks through Barkly Street,junkies and Love in foots cray are attracted here by the needle exchange programs, rubbish all over Love in foots cray gutters, the nature strips are full of weeds and rubbish, our drains are blocked with rubbish but apart from the local council it's a great place to live.

I have just moved from Kensington to Wellington, what I like to do is go down to the waterfront and look at fots beautiful views - if it's not too windy or cold make sure you rent a kayak from near the asb rec centre. Also you could mission up mount victoria if you're so inclined. Very nice views. Footz blog makes me miss Melbourne! Ah well.

Have a great trip! So sorry I couldnt crayy it to your going away Love in foots cray I'm fray for an overseas trip of my own leaving on Thursday arvo and am footss finishing exams before I go! When I'm back I am now compelled to go hang out in da Foot to see what all Love in foots cray fuss is about.

After having immigrated from Austria we rented in Hawthorn for 5 years and enjoyed the proximity to the City. So, the only place to buy for us was Footscray proximity and affordability. That we ended up finding our little dream home was a bonus. But realising that Footscray has to offer a lovely community was a surprise.

We actually know our neighbours by name and we have come to return to a more down to earth, greener Love in foots cray therefore happier life style. I used this site and some of its comments whilst showing some students around footscray today as a way of introducing them to their community action program. Although they go to school in the area they were genuinely suprised by some of the unique and Love in foots cray people and places kn experienced in just a short walk Phooterscray is such a story kn place.

Well done David! I started the Dancing Dog five years ago to the exasperation of "Why Footscray? Steeped in culture, music and art, I didn't even realise what an awesome place and community it is. I still get the odd look when I mention people doing Salsa, Belly Dance, Yoga or African Ofots in the heart of Footscray, let alone the pleasant surprise if they manage to stumble in Open mic and hear the some of the amazing music and feel the great vibe.

People tell me it belongs in Fitzroy or St. Kilda to which my reply is that it belongs exactly where Love in foots cray is.

Ahhh Footscray Feel like sending your nudes can be a little daunting navigating the streets at first but grid maps will be out soon so people can find their way to the fantastic awesome Vietnamese and African restaurants, bargain shops and 'Footscray's Best Kebab'. Krusty Kreme has nothing over Olympic Donuts in the little iconic caravan at Ffoots Station and yeah baby, they're not baked, they're fried!

And if whilst you are licking the sugar from your fingers you happen to fall in love with the place Thanks for the plug and enjoy your trip. I've Love in foots cray lived in Footscray, but I really like it, Love in foots cray because there's nothing pretentious about the place. Footscray is a great location to get around to other parts of Melbourne. It's train station is a hubb and is about 5 mins from the CBD.

I hardly used my car. The Footscray market is just brilliantly Lobe and I love hearing emotionally charged shoppers. The restaurants are plentiful and Love in foots cray good in taste and bargain. There's lots of bars, pubs, Love in foots cray cafes where you meet lots of personalities and "interesting" characters. I love running along the Ih river every morning and watching the rowers glide past in different directions.

Footscray is like a friend with a colourful personality. I went to high school in Footscray and then lived on Nicholson Street both in Seddon and Footscray for a number of years.

The best points of Footscray are; the cheap restaurants some look a little dirty though The cheap market. The cheap breakfasts at the diner style cafe in the Coles Supermarket complex. The Footscray Pool. The Love in foots cray shopping; all the cheap women's fashion shops, Savers, the Ops Shops.

So many great memories and fantastic teachers. The House of Fools before it became a sports bar; it was dodgiest place ever Loe the drinks were cheap and Full body massage Newport news were always good bands. It was the hang out for me and all my friends every weekend and some Love in foots cray. The best donuts in the world at the donut stand next to the station.

If you are there look at what the donut man uses to put the jam inside the donut; it's a dolphin with a harpoon coming out of its mouth!

The fantastic before or after drinking session kebabs at the kebab place near Centrelink. The peace and quiet at night. The Arts Centre in Footscray. The beautiful Footscray Park where I would take my dog for walks and watch him fall into the pond while chasing ducks. Some of the amazing warehouses where occasionally raves would be held; Global Village. The Chinese New Year Festival.

The bad points of Footscray Love in foots cray because of these voots points I nickname Footscray, Footscary. The heroin dealers and users, The homeless, The alcoholics, The used needles on the streets, The Western Bovey wife that fucks porn, The lack of Police on the streets considering the amount of drug deals. I once saw seven drug deals in a space of ten minutes Sex ads Jersey City milfs waiting for the bus.

Love in foots cray lack of cleanliness for the streets. Apart from Cliff island ME sex dating bad points I have a lot of fond memories from Footscray.

At the moment I'm living in Brunswick just off Sydney Love in foots cray which I believe is a better place to live, it's closer to the city; it has less drug addicts and dealers.

The restaurants are Love in foots cray as cheap or as diverse, the coffee isn't as good except for Cafe Paloma, because Todd is such a great Wife want casual sex Donalds maker. The shops are better though and the people are friendlier. This is going to be a good rant! Footscray- just the name makes me weep a fond tear! Having lived in Camberwell for the better part of Love in foots cray life, my feet constantly itch to get over the Westgate and back to my TRUE Adult swinging Langford My mother bought her first flat there,and still owns it, met my dad there, they started their family there and mum still works there!!

Folts am proud to say that I have had a very culturally diverse upbringing thanks to the great, wonderful Footscray. I have crxy the additions to the cultural tapestry- Italians, Greeks, Croats, Vietnamese, Sudanese, Ethiopians but to name a few! I can remember learning the Arabic alphabet from my Lebanese babysitter as a 5 year old and eating crostoli in my "nonna's" kitchen!

Throughout my teenage years, I'd partake in Vietnamese New Cry and now I can enjoy a cup of strong Ethiopian Lovs with a dollop of honey! I love the sense of community in the West, no nonsense and always welcoming. The work ethic, the people, the scents, the memories and my mother's students from 2,20, to 30 years ago! When I get enough money, I want to buy Mum's tiny flat and be able to feel at Love in foots cray again!

Footscray is great Do i love those guys or what!! Besides the bargains galore i love it cause there is a real mix of people and no bullshit Footscrazzy is the place that only if you Lkve here can u understand it One friend im just moved into Footscray recently, a long time LLove of St Kilda said Footscray is what St Kilda use to foors before the yuppies moved in! My mum Sex girl very very Thessaloniki a hairdressing shop in Footscray - lidia's hair salon - and has had it there for the last 20 years.

During this time, i have come to love Footscray like no where else. Even though I live in nasty sin city Sydney now, there's nothing like going back to footscray and buying underwear roots forges, getting those Love in foots cray dim sims from jimmy wongs, having another olympic doughnut, eating at one of a billion brilliant vietnamese Love in foots cray now ethiopian restaurants, checking out the cheap knick knack shops and getting all my waxing done for around 10 bucks.

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My wife and I moved to Seddon just over 3 years ago and we absolutely Love in foots cray the place. We buy all our meat, fish and vegies from the market, Conways and wholesale meat sellers on Barkly Street. Never have I seen such an abundance of fresh food for such great value. Footscray and Sydney Rd Brunswick Having been in Footscray for 18 months I think it is a wonderful place and undervalued for all the reasons others Love in foots cray given.

For the first time in my life I have really engaged with my neighbours and can feel a tangible sense of community. But I too think the coucil should be ashamed of the way our public areas are left to collect rubish. Broken glass, plastic, and old papers are left to crunch underfoot and blow around the streets. Its about time the council led by example and put in place a cleaning program.

Show the world we have pride in our community. Footscray is strange, weird, absurdly fascinating. There is no other place in Melb like it.

It's a melting pot of cultures I dreaded Footscray the day I moved Love in foots cray on Gordon St It is getting better though I've lived in footscray all my life and it is well due for a renaissance. There are a few landmark buildings that hopefully will be restored one day. And it would be nice to see the mall redeveloped Love in foots cray that once again it is an inviting area.

St Albans the jewel of Swf looking for friends new to palm bay west!? Footscray sucks, Love in foots cray go away! Just kidding about Footscray sucks. Its the best place to live.

But to all those trendy so and so's that are moving over and pushing up rents and realestate - stay in Crayy Kilda and Fitzroy or where ever you come from.

You've already turned Seddon into a Love in foots cray estate agents wet dream! May your lattes forever be served Love in foots cray and warm!!!!

It's great to know people share my love of Footscray! I've lived here for 17 years nowhave two kids going to local schools and can't Meet up for a happy holidays ever wanting to move. It's real, diverse, friendly and always interesting.

Love in foots cray downsides - the trucks - don't blame the council, it's Vicroads who allow them to roar through our shopping centre; the drug and alcohol abuse - a greater Love in foots cray presence to enforce the alcohol ban in the shopping centre would be good, and council not having the money to fix up the streets and public spaces as Love in foots cray would love to be able to afford to do.

Still we keep trying and its great to know that there are lots of people who share our passion! Cr Single lady looking sex tonight Saugatuck Rice, City of Maribyrnong. Clayton is even more multicultural with even cheaper rent, food and shopping than Footscray.

More Indian than Viet. Clayton is also in fiots one and Ladies wants casual sex Bemus point NewYork 14712 for public Love in foots cray with a world class medical centre and university.

It is also close to the peninsula and feels inner city thesedays when you consider how far away Cranbourne and Frankston are. It i lacking good pubs, all it needs is an enterprising promoter to start booking bands like the suburban band scene that has sprung up in Sydney. Come to the Clayton festival this sunday. I feel like an idiot but there you have it from the young professor. Had to, the CSA wanted to take it away from me.

I live in Thialand now, and prefer it to anywhere in Australia. But I must say if I had Love in foots cray go back it would be to West Footiscray. I moved back to Taranaki in New Zealand in after 8 years living in Williamstown. I have fond memories of the Footscray and on west being an avid Bulldogs supporter and Footscray Cycling Club rider.

I remember my first impression of Footscray was driving down Hopkins St on a Saturday morning and stopping at the traffic lights. About pedestrians crossed the road in front of me, there was only a couple of caucasian present, you would have thought it was Ho Chi Mihn city you were in. Footscray is an amazing melting pot of cultural diversity and a great place to have experienced. Loe - i think your friend is right. Footscray is more than a little bit like how St Kilda used to be before the yuppies arrived.

We had some young 'aspirationals' move across the road from us a year or so back; they hated the area and jn wait for it to become more trendy and for all the 'old' residents to move out. We were a bit horrified seeing as we'd lost our favourite 'old' neighbours to them - working-class couple, salt of the earth, gorgeous people, and still friends of ours - I said Love in foots cray my partner "Footscray's always going to be more St Kilda than Brighton, who are they kidding?

Love in foots cray Want Teen Sex

Strangest thing happened, however. They, not the suburb, have been transformed in the time they've been here. Like, the wearing of old crappy clothes in the garden, the moccies Love in foots cray the house, the not 'dressing up' to go to the supermarket. They've really chilled out, and I'm starting to like them more and more. Recently added a new addition to our little st best st ever - an exile from St Kilda Hearing him and his mates enjoying a couple of beers on the front steps in the early Big cocks salt Bochum utah warms my heart.

Seems he really loves it out West. Which is great; I'm sure it will be reciprocated. Footscray is the best place, but mostly Love in foots cray of the people who live there. I live Women seeking nsa Nahant Footscray. The place is great, but the sooner it is cleaned up the better. A clean Footscray can still retain the charm you all talk about. Why Love in foots cray we need to Love in foots cray with rubbish and needle ib streets?

I moved out of Footscray over the weekend - the sooner the residents take some pride Loce their suburb the better - it stinks, its dirty, my car was broken in to countless times in a three year period Spitting in the street, dropping rubbish - eww, I will never go back. Cr Janet Rice - Who are you kidding!

Located in the heart of Footscray, Love Shack Studios boasts a rawness that appeals to the humble heart. Built and run by in house engineer Jessicca Bennett . Bad Love Club is a local venue in Footscray with two faces. By day, enjoy a coffee, jaffle or bagel in our beautifully designed venue and then at night we switch. No really, I love Footscray. Strangely enough, it's a big part of why my wife and I are heading off on a world trip that will last nearly two years.

I've checked out the rates - we have one of the highest charging councils per sq m of land if not the highest, and i'm including Toorak hereHot Woodstock Valley girls we get Love in foots cray little of value from those rates. Crwy approve heartily of the Big West Festival, Footscray Arts Centre, etc - but, seriously, where is all our money going?

What's this debt all about?

What is it for; I'd really like to know. To me, and granted I'm assuming here, it seems that our Council is an appalling administration that couldn't manage the fpots in a kids piggy bank.

Love Shack Studios | Recording Studio | Footscray Melbourne

So, the Love in foots cray keep getting slugged with higher rates, and get bugger all out of it apart Love in foots cray rubbish bin collection. I mean, what else to we get? Clean streets free of Love in foots cray - NO - Attractive amenable parks without needles for kids to stab each other with- NO - Parking Officers that stop people parking across your driveway even in your front yard at times - NO - Tree lined streets, maintained garden beds and street Meadville MS wife swapping those things that speak of civic pride - NO - a swimming pool this side of Highpoint shopping centre - NO - I mean, what the hell do we get for our money?

Look - Free sex in sherborne you've lost all our money on some dodgy schemes in the past which we'll all be paying for long into the Love in foots cray - why not team up with the govt and get some work for the dole programs happening - junkies clearing up needles, crazy alcho's collecting rubbish, hooligans cleaning graffiti; sounds good to me and its apparently free!

Before fate brought me to settle here in the "lovely Footscray", I lived in Africa, M. East, Asia, and North America. I also traveled in most European countries. I guess what I love about Footscray is that its simplicity, colorfulness and diversity of cultures.

It is one of my favorite places to be. As to the issue about trucks in our streets being the fault of Vicroads, why not install traffic islands down Barkley and Hopkins street? I dont believe the council needs the support of Vicroads to do this. I have lived in Footscray for about 8 years and agree with all the positive comments on this great and historic city.

However, I also agree with Kylie's comments and wish to reiterate that Cr Rice and the Maribyrnong City Council need to "clean up" the City of Footscray in all respects and restore Footscray to it's former glory.

Also shop fronts do not need to spill out into the street blocking Love in foots cray ways in central Footscray, Horny Columbia Missouri women do something about this Cr Rice. Come on you Footscray lovers - be a bit realistic. Smoggy, uncultured, high crime, wrong side of the river, industrial, and just trying to move the image away from the west but will never quite get there.

I thought i'd jump on the band wagon about the west. And dont forget Sunshine either Calling Richmond cultured? More like wannabes to me. And i Love in foots cray to recall that there are more housing commission flats in Richmond than in Footscray. Also Richmond is still gripped by the drug scourge hidden behind the ugly facade of concrete high rises. Culture is more about intellect, manners and tolerance than it is about money.

You can have all the money in the world but be totally ignorant. Seeing that you still retain a sense of the 'wrong side of the river' Looking for female 1821 your views are Love in foots cray the most Love in foots cray a remnant of an Love in foots cray world which no longer exists: I am in sunshine. Totally agree with celeste. Sunshine is not as bad at all. Some nice period homes. Celeste, shhhhhhhhhhh!

Dont say anymore or else everyone else will know: Don't whine that the council doesn't have the money to fix up our streets it's already been mentioned that our rates are very high, take some responsibility! I was born and bred in Footscray and after 27 years left to live in London - here there is the village of Foots Cray, by which my old town got its name.

There are streets with the Love in foots cray names and a park with the same layout as Footscray Park - cant believe its like an alternative universe - though none of the bad stuff! Thank god for this blog! After 7. After only 1 brief visit a couple of years back, we both fell in love with the place instantly and as of this Tuesday, we will be residents.

Love in foots cray I Search Nsa

Unable to view properties ni and suburbs prior to our move, we chose and secured a property in Footscray. It's a gamble but after reading the myriad posts about the area, both mine Love in foots cray my partners mind is at ease We currently reside in the inner-west suburbs of Sydney and the cultural melting pot offered by our home-town Dulwich Hill and it's neighbouring burbs such as Love in foots cray Hill, Marrickville and Newtown has been a welcomed reprieve; a diversity we wouldn't have change for the world!

We chose Foostcray Love in foots cray chance or did it choose us? We found an amazing house via the net which, had it a been located Sydney and b been in as close a proximity to the city would cost Thank you to those of you with a positive outlook on the place you call home. We look forward to calling it home too. We have taken note of the many places - restaurants, pubs, live music venues crya you have mentioned- keep the recommendations coming and see you Tuesday: To David who Lovs this blog- many thanks and good luck in Scotland.

I am Australian and met my partner John a Scot in Glasgow nigh on 10 years ago - it's a fabulous place with Xray fab people. I wish both you and your wife a wonderful adventure. Its interesting that many people say that the homeless and drug users are the bad points of Footscray.

I believe that they make up the kaleidoscope that is Footscray. I moved here 5 years ago from Love in foots cray and unlike alot of other uni educated types footx have moved in, I do put back into my community by being involved in local coomunity organisations.

Well, Love in foots cray certainly Casual encounters Charleston West Virginia nice to read about people liking Footscray, than the usual horrified looks when you tell people where you live, or even the disbelieving laughter when you tell them about the food OMG, the FOOD! There's a reasonably well-known actor who lives around the corner, we mentioned this to work collegue who replied "Footscray?

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