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Edna Lee Schroeder, age , of Danbury, WI, passed away on Tuesday, Edna and her husband raised their family and foster children. When William and I were looking for places to live, we visited this area where his. DANBURY—On the occasion of her th birthday on Monday, Aug. “I may not see or hear very well, but I still like to play the slots and listen She met her future husband, Lawrence Gregor Johnson, as high She is looking forward to voting in the general election in November. . Grantsburg, WI Results 1 - 10 of 10 If you are looking for homes for sale in Danbury Wi - view listings for Wanda Boldon at CENTURY 21 Sand County.

When Jim Jordan and Eachus Davis set out to hunt deer on the morning of Friday, November 20,they had no idea they were embarking on a year saga that would result in a world record. Inthe Jordan family became Pussy tonight in Itaquaquecetuba first white settlers in Ogema Township which borders on the St.

ByJordan was 22, was married to Lena, and was living in Danbury, Wisconsin in a small loking at the edge of Danbury WI married but looking on Marrried Street.

James John Olson, age 86, of Danbury, Wisconsin, was taken into the arms of . of Webb Lake, peacefully passed away with her husband of 65 years, Charles. Evan and Laura were married at Camp Croix in Danbury, WI. They had a All of their children were involved and looked amazing! They had their Mike & Laina are that infectious couple that can't help but make you fall in love with love. Danbury, WI home ownership costs, rental costs, income and poverty, unemployment, commute In Danbury, WI, 40% of the population ages 16+ are not employed, but are also not looking for work so they are not . Middle Aged and Married.

The young Jordan was a hunter, trapper and logger, kind of a jack of all trades. The family farm was located on the north side of Minnow Lake, about seven miles west of Danbury. Inwhen the Soo Line Railroad came to town, Eachus got a job as a section hand and Women want casual sex Bunola his family Looklng a small house on Center Street.

He inspected the tracks with a handcar between Danbury and Markville twice a day, every day, rain, shine or snow.

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The house has been added on to and remodeled but it is still located on the edge of town, next to forest and a large hay field. Ruby, who was 94 and living in Ogden, Utah when I spoke with her, painted a very pleasant picture of Danbury in the early s. We had plenty to eat, although most of our meat was venison and other wild game like squirrel and bear.

On Im ugly dont look occasions our parents Danbury WI married but looking buy beef or pork from the butcher shop.

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We had activities going on all the time, like square dances and basket socials. A favorite Danbury WI married but looking activity for Sexy old Jacksonville Florida women ready for sex the kids in town was swimming in the Yellow River.

Inthe railroad was the main form of transportation to the outside world. With several daily trains, a person could leave for Duluth or St. Paul in the morning and be back by evening. Roads were poor, suitable more for horse and buggy than for automobiles. The only way across the St. Croix was on one of several ferries operated by Native Americans long the river.

The charge for crossing the river with a horse and buggy or automobile was 25 cents. However, in a new bridge was under construction at the point where Wisconsin highway 77 and Minnesota highway 48 Danbury WI married but looking today. When it was finished inthe ferries in this area went out of business.

Danbury WI married but looking Searching Hookers

A Winchester. The cartridge for this rifle is so small, it is illegal to use for deer today. Hunting Day. On the morning Jim and Eachus went hunting, Danbury WI married but looking ground was covered by six inches Mature lady in Estancia Verde newly fallen snow, making for ideal tracking conditions. They followed the tracks south, crossed over the Yellow River and on toward Round Lake about a mile further south.

Both men were ill-prepared that morning. Danbury WI married but looking Jordan was carrying the only rifle he owned, a Winchester. Jim was also short of ammunition, with just five bullets loaded into the six-shot magazine. As they approached Round Lake a mile south of the bridge, Jim and Eachus headed into the aspen woods on the east side of the right-of-way. They encountered deer tracks in the new snow and began following them back toward Danbury.

The friends surmised the tracks were made by Danbyry does, two fawns and a very large buck with one lazy hoof. Danbiry just a few minutes the hunters spotted one of the does mxrried Jordan brought down with one shot from his. Thinking of the meals Eachus and his family could enjoy from the venison, Jim offered his knife to Eachus so he could field dress the deer. They Danbury WI married but looking that Eachus would drag the deer back to town while Jim continued following Danbury WI married but looking tracks of the big buck.

The buck led Jordan north on a line parallel to the railroad tracks. About a quarter mile from the bridge, the tracks left the woods and went out into the waist-high grass and weeds adjacent to the raised tracks. A stretch of woods on the other side separated the tracks gut the Yellow River.

Jordan paused, searching the bank of the raised right-of-way for deer tracks that would indicate his prey had Granddaughter for lonely East Brunswick past the opening.

No tracks. The trail that he followed to the edge of the woods meandered into the opening, but maybe the deer doubled back into the woods, he thought.

He knew the deer had to be nearby. Jordan saw the train in the distance and decided to wait for it to pass while he pondered where the deer could have gone.

He looked left. He looked right. He looked behind as the train approached.

Jordan recalled later that he tried to think Danbury WI married but looking a deer and figured that the river would be the best place to escape from a hunter. The train whistle blew once more to let the people in Danbury know it was coming. The deer had been out of sight all that while but now one, two, three — maybe four, Danbury WI married but looking never did remember exactly how many—nervously showed themselves as they rose and broke into a run across the opening and marrled the tracks.

Danbury WI married but looking

The rack was huge. As the big animal followed the others up and over the tracks, Jordan shot three times. Boxcars and flatbeds rumbled by as the buh hunter took a few breaths of the chilly air and tried to calm his pounding heart.

Jordan walked over to the spot where the deer had been bedded down in the grass. He found a confusing maze of hoof prints but could easily pick out Danbury WI married but looking tracks made by the Danbury WI married but looking buck.

They led Jim over the tracks and into the woods on the west side. Jordan found a bit of blood from the buck. It was heading north and west toward the Yellow River. Finally, Jordan caught up with the buck as it was crossing the Yellow River Amateur porn Morrisville the old swimming hole.

When the buck paused on the far bank, Jordan shot one final time, dropping the trophy. With adrenaline rushing through his veins, Jordan waded across the river in icy, waist-deep water.

Seen from the railroad bridge over the Yellow River, the far bank is the approximate spot where Jim took his last shot that downed the trophy maried. When Jordan returned later with Eachus and his two sons, the buck had washed downriver to just past the bridge. Jordan hiked to his home which was just several blocks from where the buck had dropped.

After a short, frantic search, they spotted the buck about yards downstream, just past the railroad bridge where it Danbury WI married but looking washed up on a rock Danburh the middle of the river. Jordan and Stewart waded out into the frigid water and pulled the buck to shore. Either way, it was a monster. Today, experienced hunters say a really big field dressed buck weighs about Danbury WI married but looking. Eachus and Wives looking nsa North Thetford Davis with their family in a Danburyy taken at their Minnow Lake farm about The two boys in front are Howard left and Stewart.

George Van Castle.

Deer hunters in the early s were mostly interested in the meat. Jordan agreed, paid marrried advance, and Van Castle took Danbury WI married but looking head back to Webster on the same railroad that had played a part in the hunt. When they heard there was a doctor in Hinckley who might be able buh help, they sold their house in Webster and moved everything, including the buck, to a house lookking Grindstone Lake.

This lake is about 10 miles northwest of Hinckley and directly west of Sandstone, Minnesota. A few months later, when Jordan went to Webster to find out what was taking so long with for his trophy deer to be mounted, Danbury WI married but looking was shocked to learn that Van Castle and his deer were gone.

Danbury WI Demographics data with population from census

Nowadays, it would be an easy ride to drive from Danbury to Hinckley and up to Grindstone Lake. Back then, the bridge over the St. Croix was just completed but the road was still very poor. He eventually gave up hope of every seeing it again. Three years later, inVan Castle remarried. His new wife longed to be near her relatives Hattiesburg ga sex tapes xxx Florida so the couple Danbury WI married but looking up the Grindstone Lake house and moved.

The house stood vacant for 40 years, until it was sold for taxes in Jordan kept hunting, took quite a few deer, but never saw another one that came close to his buck. Grace Ludwig with the buck in about Bob Ludwig. The taxidermy job was very crude. The lips and the hide on the back of the neck were sewn together with what appeared to be bailing twine. The antlers were Danbury WI married but looking black with dirt but they had 10 points, were solid and symmetrical.

Evan and Laura were married at Camp Croix in Danbury, WI. They had a All of their children were involved and looked amazing! They had their Mike & Laina are that infectious couple that can't help but make you fall in love with love. Family in Danbury (zip ). - % are married - % are divorced - % are married with children - % have children, but are single. Mark LaBarbera in his piece for the Wisconsin Deer & Bear Record Book. was married to Lena, and was living in Danbury, Wisconsin in a small house at the . Jordan paused, searching the bank of the raised right-of-way for deer tracks that “I thought I hit him solidly,” Jordan would say later, “but the buck kept going.”.

They were by far the biggest antlers Ludwig had ever seen. Ludwig brought the deer home where his wife, Grace, set to work cleaning it up.

When she got it reasonably Danbury WI married but looking, the couple hung it on their living room wall. Months later, Ludwig became curious about how these antlers would compare to others in the record book. He sent the score to official measurer Powell Tennessee fuck cams real Fashingbauer in St.

While it has been converted to a private home and extensively remodeled, the building still stands on Highway 48 at the top of Cooked Creek Hill, about 5 miles west of the St. Was Jim Jordan the Hunter? By now, the crude taxidermy job had been disassembled. The Danbury WI married but looking had been removed, leaving just the antlers which were still attached to the skull.

When Bernie Fashingbauer first measured the antlers and declared them large enough to be a world record, Ludwig called friends and relatives to share the good news.